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The Association for Vertical Farming e.V.(AVF) is an internationally active nonprofit organization of over 300 individuals, companies (multinationals to start-ups), research institutions and universities focusing on advancing Vertical Farming (VF) technologies, designs and businesses. Founded and registered in Munich, Germany in July 2013 as a nonprofit organisation, with a working and volunteer staff of now 30 experts in UA/VF, leading the divisions (6) and project groups (10) of AVF. A high level advisory board provides advice and support to AVF staff’s work. AVF’s mission is to lead and advance the sustainable growth and development of the vertical farming movement - globally. AVF has a worldwide network of members reaching from Asia, Europe, South & North America, Australia to Africa. AVF organizes events like workshops, conferences and VF info days, conducts research, publishes industry white papers and engineering studies, conducts policy advocacy at the EU commission and develops education around the subject of Urban and Vertical Farming. And last but not least, to support this all, AVF has built some hydroponic A-frames and an open-source plusfarm, and will build many more.

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